PRODUCT INFORMATION Fashion, Home + Interiors Color GuideA two-guide set for hard home and fashion accessoriesSKU: FHIP110A315 New Colors just added! 2,625 market-driven, trend-relevant Fashion, Home + Interiors (FHI) Colors in two portable handheld guides. The Textile Paper – Green (TPG) Colors match back to our Textile Cotton System (TCX), allowing for versatility in the design process. TPG Colors are achieved through applying a lacquer to a coated stock paper. The perfect on-the-go tool for inspiration and color communication for ceramics, paint, cosmetics, fashion accessories, and leather goods.Illustrates all 2,625 Fashion, Home + Interiors System Colors as a lacquer coating on paper for hard home goodsPantone’s paper format colors also match our FHI Cotton Colors for soft goodsTwo compact, fan decks for easy reference and viewing on the goEco-friendly coating formulationPortable fan deck in a two-volume setFeatures seven Fashion, Home + Interiors Colors per pageThe TPG (Textile Paper – Green) suffix indicates a lead- and chromium-free formulation of our TPX lacquer coatings, for a safer, environmentally friendly product2,625 FHI colors, including the latest 315 market-driven, trend-relevant colorsAll FHI TPG Colors for hard surfaces match back to our FHI Textile Cotton System Colors for textiles and soft goodsImproved chromatic layout organizes all 2,625 FHI Colors by color familyEach color displayed with its corresponding number and nameUse for hard home, ceramics, textiles, apparel, paint, cosmetics, fashion accessories, and leather goodsUse for color inspiration, specification, and production at the office, lab, or on the goView color on both hard and soft surfaces, allowing for a versatile design processBring Color to Life, DigitallyLearn how Pantone® Connect for Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to take your physical Pantone colors into your digital workflow through Adobe® Creative Cloud (InDesign®, Photoshop®, and Illustrator®). ...

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