Polyester Swatch Set
  • Polyester Swatch Set
  • Polyester Swatch Set
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Polyester Swatch Set


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Polyester Swatch BookAn easy-to-use portfolio of 203 polyester colors for apparel, textile and soft home design.


With 203 unique, forecast-driven colors for designers and colorists working in apparel, textiles, and soft home, Pantone’s Polyester Swatch Book offers an easy-to-use portfolio of color in an all-new, redesigned binder format. 2”x 2” mini swatches are secured, doubled layered, and affixed on unbacked 100% polyester fabric. Cascading pockets allow for easy visibility of five swatch cards per row, with a full 35 colors visible per page in a lightweight binder. Swatch cards remain secure on the page, and when removed, include printed names on the pockets for easy identification and return.

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