P5D50840 Pantone 5 Light Booth SKU: P5D50840
  • P5D50840 Pantone 5 Light Booth SKU: P5D50840
  • P5D50840 Pantone 5 Light Booth SKU: P5D50840

P5D50840 Pantone 5 Light Booth SKU: P5D50840


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Product Code: PANTONE Color Evaluation

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Pantone 5 Light Booth provides the most consistent and reliable environment for evaluating products and prints. As color can appear differently under various light sources – such as daylight, store lighting and fluorescent – it is important to review products and prints under each before approval so that costly issues and rejects can be avoided.


Use D65 lighting for reviewing color for hard/soft goods, textiles and coating color. For reviewing color on printed materials, use D50 lighting.
Lamps: D65 or D50 Daylight, Home “A” Tungsten, Ultraviolet, Cool White Fluorescent, 840 Fluorescent
Multiple voltage options: 100, 115, 127, and 230
Certificate of performance


Setup options available to best suit your industry and customers’ needs
Contemporary design, styled to complement any work space


Consistent, industry-standard fluorescent illumination
Simulate common daylight, home, and store environments:
D65 dedicated light source option for industrial applications
D50 dedicated light source option mainly for print and packaging applications
UV source stimulates optical brighteners, whitening agents, fluorescent pigments, and dyes
"A" Tungsten Halogen home lighting simulation lamp
Cool White Fluorescent (CWF) and TL84 store lighting simulation lamp options
Identify troublesome color variations and metameric effects (when two colors appear to match in one set of lighting conditions but fail to match in another)

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