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Ci6x Series


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Ci6x Series

The Ci6x family of handheld Spectrophotometers is a performance-driven solution for managing color at any stage of production, and gives manufacturers a whole new level of confidence in their color data, regardless of where or when the measurements are collected.

The Ci6x Series is a complete color management package designed to provide end-users with the perfect complement to a quality assurance, quality control, and process control operation.

  • Switchable apertures (Ci64) provide greater flexibility
  • Status LEDs give real-time visual feedback
  • Embedded NetProfiler monitors instrument and performance
  • Hi-Res color LCD is easy to see and read
  • Bluetooth allows wireless communication with other system components
  • USB communication with QC or QA systems
  • Remote measurement trigger for convenient measurements
  • Ergonomic over mold design provides smooth, comfortable grip
  • Calibrated UV (Ci64 UV only) enables increased accuracy with OBA samples
  • Embedded transform enabled to optimize agreement with legacy instruments
  • Common SP flip-back shoe that aids in sample presentation and techniques
  • Reliable detent lock

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